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Velvet Cloud’s Signature Organic E Liquid Flavors are One of a Kind

Do you know what’s in your vaping e liquids? Ask any of your vaping friends and most of them are likely to answer with a shrug. Sure, most of us know whether we like PG or VG bases for our liquids, but beyond that, many people don’t really question what goes into their vapes. Which is crazy when you think about it. We take such care to make sure our takeout is gluten-free, our drinks are sugar-free, and our diets are vegan and as close to organic as we can get. Why wouldn’t we also check and make sure we’re using an organic e liquid every time we vape?


The good news is, if after you’ve checked your favorite e liquids and realized you don’t have as many organic juices as you’d like, there are top tier shops out there that can help you upgrade your selection with premium, high quality, and delicious organic e liquid flavors that will ensure you’ll never miss your old liquids.



One of the shops most dedicated to both high-quality ingredients and high-quality flavors is a well know and well loved northwestern based company by the name of Velvet Cloud. Not only does Velvet Cloud make a point of using natural ingredients as much as possible, including using high VG bases, but they also take care to ensure their e liquids are vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free. They also go out of their way not to use any artificial colorings or sweeteners, so the taste you get with every hit is the real, natural taste of their artisanal flavors, nothing more, nothing less.


And what flavors they are! The quality craftsmanship and carefully selected ingredients of all of Velvet Cloud’s e liquids is only half the reason they’re so loved across the country. The biggest reason Velvet Cloud has thousands of five-star reviews is, of course, their fantastic flavors. You see, the thing about using an organic e liquid is that it makes for a natural taste. Instead of the pseudo grape and strawberry flavors you’d expect from candies and fruit punch, organic and naturally flavored e liquids actually taste like the real thing.


It means their Harvest Berry mix tastes like the freshest summer berry fruit salad, mixing together the crisp and sweet tastes of blueberries and strawberries with the delicious tang of raspberries and just a hint of cherry to balance the mix. Their Melonomenon flavor tastes like the finest cooling fruity punch made from summer honeydews and sweet peaches, with cooling cucumbers added to make for a light and smooth flavor that works as an excellent all day vape.


Even Velvet Cloud’s more decadent dessert flavors, such as their Nutty Cookie, ring true to the actual experience of eating these sweets in real life. Nutty Cookie combines the warm sweet flavor of sugar cookies with the toasted, crunchy flavor of macadamia nuts and hazelnuts and sweetens the deal with a gentle topping of white chocolate chips. By using as close to organic as they can get and natural flavors and carefully combining and layering them together to create depth, Velvet Cloud is able to give their natural e liquids texture and vibrancy that you just won’t find anywhere else.

The E Cigarette Liquid Flavors You’ll Love

At Velvet Cloud, we are dedicated to creating choices that will suit anyone’s tastes. Our company enjoys creating products that you may never have thought of trying, but fit with the adventurous need of yours to experience something different. So, we invite to you take a look at the wide selection of e cigarette liquid flavors at our online shop.


The best part about our selection of e cigarette liquid flavors? They’re creatively thought out. We want to have fun when we make these flavors. Enjoying a smooth hit of a flavored vape should be a fun experience where you can taste things differently in each hit. It’s almost like eating a new piece of candy or trying a new food for the first time. We want unpredictability and mouthwatering e juice flavors that are different from other juices in the industry.



When you browse our flavor section, you’ll see that we offer diversity to satisfy many palettes. We have a flavor called “Night Shift” that mixes coffee and donuts. Seriously, how cool is that? Enjoy that feeling of the classic morning pick-me-up when you take a hit of this flavor. Velvet Cloud gives you a chance to explore your taste buds when it comes to vaping our e cigarette liquid flavors.


Aside from dessert flavors, however, we also offer tobacco e liquid flavors for those nostalgic vapers. Available in 60 ml bottles, all of our vape juice comes in 00MG, 03MG, 06MG, and 12MG nicotine strengths. With a variety of delicious e liquid dessert, fruit, and tobacco flavors to choose from, Velvet Cloud is sure to have something for everyone.


Why do we have such high confidence in our products? We’ve been perfecting this craft since 2011. Our founders wanted to find a way to enjoy the act of vaping without using any unnatural or artificial ingredients. After some hard work, they found a way to make it happen! Many of these recipes come from hand-picked ingredients that would be found in places like a farmers market. You’ll never have to worry about artificial sweeteners or other unnatural choices.


Another benefit from shopping with Velvet Cloud is that you’ll never have to worry about a late shipment. We usually take no more than 72 hours to fulfill an order. Really though, we’re just excited to share these awesome vape flavors for vape-aficionados such as yourself to enjoy so we jump at any opportunity to get our vape juice flavors to you as soon as possible.


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For more information about Velvet Cloud and the products we offer, visit our website at VelvetCloud.com or email at info@velvetcloud.com. Also, follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with the latest news and products! We are here with the high VG e liquid to offer our customers the best electronic cigarette juices on the market! Shop with us, today!

The Best VG Juice Around

Vape juice has come a long way since its humble beginnings. With things like nicotine salts and max VG juice on the rise, it’s no wonder that people are constantly flocking to newer tech products. Velvet Cloud is a business that prides themselves in the cleanliness of their products, and that’s where this tech has come in handy. Not only do they have the best VG juice available, but they’ve also got vape juice that’s made from clean ingredients that create pure and delicious flavors. People come to them because they’re curious, but they stay when they realize the quality of their products. Velvet Cloud makes vape juice that they themselves would want to vape, and that’s why they make only the best premium e liquid.



No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find a better vape lifestyle on their site. With fresh and clean ingredients used in their VG e liquids, you’ll be vaping the best tasting juice you’ve ever tried. Not only that, but you’ll have a ton of thoughtful flavors to choose from. By thoughtful, I mean creative. For too long, the vape industry has lacked the creativity that it deserves! Instead of creating boring and trite flavors that everyone already knows, we aimed to provide the flavors that people actually want. On our site, you’ll find inventive and delicious flavors that you’ve never seen before. It’s the creativity that keeps us going and the quality that keeps you coming back! When a brand like Velvet Cloud is around, you can bet that vaping will only get more and more fun as time goes on.


So, what kind of flavors do you like? There are plenty to choose from, so you don’t have to get pigeonholed into any purchase that doesn’t suit your tastes! If you’re looking for dessert flavors, you’ve come to the right spot. Velvet Cloud has ‘Night Shift,’ our premier coffee and donut flavor, and that’s a combination that other companies wish they thought of! Who doesn’t love dunking a nice chocolate donut into some fresh hot coffee? Scrumptious! With flavors like that and classic flavors like ‘Vanilla Custard,’ you’re looking at an awesome arrangement of dessert vape flavors that you’ll love! Like cookies? Like nuts? Try Velvet Cloud’s ‘Nutty Cookie!’ It’s packed with awesome macadamia nut and hazelnut flavors that’ll really blow your socks off. Not into dessert flavors? That’s okay! They’ve got plenty of savory tobacco flavors, fruity flavors, and anything that your heart desires. They are constantly coming up with new flavors, so you’ll always be surprised by what they have to offer!


No matter what you’re looking for, if it’s VG vape juice, you’ll find the best kind at Velvet Cloud. They’ve got the best VG juice around, and they’re not afraid to brag about it! If you’ve got any questions about their products or which juice might be best for you, don’t hesitate to call! They love their customers like they love vaping, and they’re here to help you solve any problems that you might have. Check them out online today, and make your vaping experience all the better!

Satisfy your Cravings with Natural E Liquid Flavors from Velvet Cloud

Vaping is one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite flavors, be it chocolate desserts or sweet summer fruits, without filling up on calories or having to wait until they’re in season. But, as anyone who’s ever tried fruity candies can tell you, artificially flavored products just never hold up to the real thing. There’s no point in vaping sweet strawberry flavors if they’re only going to taste ‘kind of’ like the fruit, is there? So why use an artificial e liquid when it’s just as easy to buy a natural e liquid from a shop like Velvet Cloud that tastes infinitely better?



One of the biggest mistakes rookie vapers make is picking their e liquid based on the flavor name alone. Fruity Tooty sounds like a great mix of fresh fruit flavors, that is until you take the first hit and are washed over with a rolling cloud of synthetic flavor. As any experienced vaper knows, you never judge a book by its cover, and never judge a flavor by its name. The only way to get a truly delicious flavor experience is to use an e liquid that takes its flavors from natural sources. There are a select few e liquid vendors out there that understand this – don’t be afraid to branch out from your usual shop to find the best tasting natural flavors.


If you’re wondering where to start your search for a natural e liquid, allow us to recommend one of our favorite vendors, Velvet Cloud. Velvet Cloud not only specializes in natural, primarily VG e liquids, but they also take extra care to ensure their e liquids are vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free, without any artificial colorings or sweeteners to alter the natural flavors of their specialty blends. Their first priority is in making their signature liquids as natural as they possibly can be, and twice as delicious. Velvet Cloud stands out from the crowd both for the careful discretion they use when choosing their premium ingredients and for the wonderful, richly layered flavors they produce, unlike anything you’ll find anywhere else.


Take their aptly named Mewlew’s Magic. A combination of sweet and silky chocolate with thick and creamy butterscotch and rich fudgey goodness, this amazing dessert pudding vape takes all the best things about an indulgent after-dinner treat and magically transforms it into a beautiful billowy cloud of delicious, layered flavor experience. We guarantee this isn’t an e liquid flavor you’ll find anywhere else. It’s rich, layered, and full of a depth that will make you swear you just dove spoon first into the best slice of whip cream and butterscotch topped chocolate pie you’ve ever had.


Mewlew’s isn’t the only magic at Velvet Cloud, either. They have a full range of mind-blowing, delicious desserts, including a warm and creamy Vanilla Custard that tastes just like grandma’s recipe and a fresh baked Frosted Gingerbread flavor that will bring the holiday season straight to your taste buds, no matter the time of year. And of course, no self-respecting provider of natural e liquid flavors could possibly skip out on the fruity flavors that every vaper loves. From grape to melons to berries and everywhere in between, if there’s a flavor you love, you’ll find the best, natural version of it right there in their shop.

Why Do My E Juice Flavors Taste Bad?

With flavors like Vanilla Custard, Frosted Gingerbread, and Catherine the Grape, it's hard to believe any of the Velvet Cloud e juice flavors could taste bad, but even the best e juice can leave a horrible aftertaste if the base, nicotine level, or equipment aren't what you need for the best experience.


PG / VG Ratio
Propylene glycol or PG is a liquid used as a base for some e juices. Higher PG levels give the juice what some would describe as a sharp flavor. It’s included to mimic the throat hit that comes with analog use.


Vegetable glycerin or VG is a sweet, thick liquid that is also used as a base for e juices. The higher the VG content, the less throat hit you feel and the more vapor you will produce.



Generally, e juices are made of a combination of PG and VG mixed with highly concentrated flavor. Some companies use the same flavors found in candy.


If there is more PG than VG, the e juice flavors won't taste as sweet, but the throat hit will be strong. If the e juice has more VG than PG, it will have a milder throat hit but better flavor and more vapor. Velvet Cloud specializes in juices with 100% VG content for optimal flavor and stellar plume production.


Nicotine Level
For people just entering into the world of vaping, nicotine levels are an important option that few new customers understand. Choosing the right nicotine e juice flavors will make all the difference. Without experience, making the right choice can undoubtedly affect your vaping experience.


Age of Atomizer
How old is your atomizer? Just because you’re still getting huge plumes from your tank doesn’t mean your atomizer is working correctly. When an atomizer starts to burn out, that burned flavor infuses into your e juice. With every use, you're getting what almost tastes like burnt fabric.


To improve the flavor, drain your tank, change out your atomizer, and refill your tank with new e liquid. Give the cotton in your atomizer a few minutes to soak up the juice before vaping or if your atomizer requires priming, remember to drip in three to five drops of e juice directly onto the cotton, or follow the priming instructions that came with your tank.


Battery Strength
One of the mistakes many new vapers make is in battery choice. Small tanks and all-in-one units supply much less energy or power than a battery you’d use with a large sub ohm tank. Having multiple vaping setups can get expensive, but vaping e juice in a tank that is overpowered by the battery will ruin the flavor in minutes and likely burn out your atomizer soon after.


At Velvet Cloud, our name says it all. We want every customer to purchase e juice flavors that are tempting to the palette, feel good in the mouth, and produce a volume of vapor the customer desires. A velvet cloud of vapor, if you will. Unfortunately, hardware issues and the PG/VG ratio can strongly affect these flavors.


When Velvet Cloud started in 2011, they set out to set the standard for premium e juice, and they succeeded. An in-house e juice chef develops complex, original flavors in the company’s flavor house. If you visit their website at VelvetCloud.com, you are certain to find a flavor that is perfect for you. If you are on the fence, you can email a flavor expert at info@velvetcloud.com.

When You Think Premium Vapor Juice, Think Velvet Cloud

When you hear the word premium, what comes to mind? Many people think of mind blowing fast cars, shiny new watches, or possibly even a new suit hand tailored to fit you perfectly. The people at Velvet Cloud have a bit of a different definition for premium. For them, when they hear the word premium, they think of premium vapor juice. For their e-liquid products, they use only the best ingredients on the market and refuse to settle for anything less. They also have a wide variety of different flavors so no matter what taste you are craving, you can find it in a bottle of e-liquid from Velvet Cloud. They make the best of the best, so when you order a bottle you can make your choices with confidence.



Using the best ingredients is a key factor involved with creating the premium vape juice they offer on their website. They start with an unflavored base that consists of the purest of USP vegetable glycerin, water, and nicotine as an optional final ingredient. From this, they create the magical flavors that you know and love. They pride themselves on using ingredients that never have anything “weird.” This means no gluten, no GMO’s, no animal products, no added sugars, and no artificial sweeteners or coloring. When you take a drag from your favorite vape pen filled with one of the VG blends from Velvet Cloud, you can rest easy knowing that it is made from the purest ingredients and the best recipes available on the market.


Once you figure out that Velvet Cloud is the best of the best in terms of using the right ingredients to make the most fantastic e-juice, you’ll find that they also have some of the most delicious flavors that will fit in with any desired flavor profile. If you are looking to bring yourself back to the memories of sitting around a crackling fire with your best friends, you can buy a bottle of their ‘Campfire’ flavor. It is reminiscent of a perfectly made s’mores treat, with toasted marshmallow, rich melty chocolate, and a crisp and sweet graham cracker. If you want something a little less sweet, you can order yourself a ‘Tobacco Trio.’ This offers you the best flavors that are still similar to whatever method of nicotine ingestion you are more used to. You can test out the three favorite flavors of the experts that make it and find your absolute favorite to order on a regular basis.


Whatever your view of premium may be, there is no denying that the best premium vapor juice is offered by Velvet Cloud. With the absolute best ingredients in every bottle and the most wholesome formula possible, their fantastic recipes will makes for some of the tastiest flavors that will bring you back to some of your fondest memories. Whatever you are looking for in a bottle of e-juice, you’ll find it with Velvet Cloud. Visit them online today to see for yourself!

Pure VG Liquids You Can’t Miss Out On

Take a moment and think about what you really want in an e juice. What do you want when you take that first hit out of an e juice that you’re excited for? You want smoothness. You want flavor. You want a feeling that makes you want to go back to it again and again. So, what is it you’re looking for? Pure VG liquids with an all-natural taste.


When we create our high VG e juices in our ISO 7 lab, the process involves as many natural ingredients as possible. So, when you purchase a bottle of our very own Peach Tea or any other pure VG liquids from our shop, you’ll be happy to know that no diacetyl was used while making these products. Take that first hit from that gift to yourself and enjoy knowing that our process for crafting your favorite e juice uses no artificial sweeteners.



That’s not all there is to successfully creating pure VG juices. We are big proprietors of keeping animal companions safe and healthy from any testing that may be deemed harmful to them. Therefore, we at Velvet Cloud do consider ourselves a vegan-friendly company and never test our products on any animals. In fact, a portion of our earnings goes towards different charities and non-profits that are involved with animal rescue or general wildlife. We’re always looking for organizations to help out, so, if you happen to know any, feel free to email us and get us in touch with one today!


One thing I can’t emphasize enough is that we have so many flavors to choose from. SO MANY. See for yourself when you browse our site. Maybe you’d like to enjoy that sweet, fruity taste of grapes in our very own “Catherine the Grape”. Or perhaps you prefer pineapple, citrus, and gummies (you did read that correctly, gummies), then try out “Pandamonium” and get that sweet, citrusy taste that will meet your taste buds with an outstanding finish. There is an immense selection of fruity flavors to choose from on our website. If you like getting your sweet tooth in on the fun, then try out our dessert flavor choices. Enjoy the thick, creamy taste of our “Vanilla Custard” or the rich, chocolaty flavors of “Mewlew’s Magic.” Our collection of flavors is vast and extremely diverse. We like to think there is something in our store for everyone to enjoy for the best vaping experience possible.


Everyone working at Velvet Cloud is so passionate about vaping that we’ve made a blog that discusses the different ways it can enrich your life. Whether it’s about building a community or learning more about the art itself, we discuss many of these topics on our very own blog posts. Check them out today to learn more about the cool ways vaping can enrich your lifestyle.


If you have any questions about our pure VG juices, don’t hesitate to reach out! Send us an email at info@velvetcloud.com for a timely response that we will be happy to answer!

Make the Switch to 100 VG Juice with Velvet Cloud

Not only are there tons of e-liquid flavors to choose from on the market today, but there are tons of brands with different levels of vapor production and throat hit. Most e juices contain a balance of PG and VG; if you’ve been a vaping pro for a while now, you probably know the difference between VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol). However, many new vape users can be confused about the balance of PG vs. VG when they first have to choose their vape liquids. At Velvet Cloud, we create 100 VG juice so you’ll never have to stress out over picking the VG vs. PG balance that works for you. Today, many vape users prefer completely VG-based vape juice for several reasons. Take a look below at the some of the benefits of VG based e juices and some of the VG e juices we offer at Velvet Cloud.



VG E Juice: Qualities to Consider
VG-based e-liquids are known for being an extremely low threat when it comes to certain allergy risks. They also have a more natural flavor and vapor density compared to PG based liquids, which can have an overpowering flavor, heavy vapor density, and intense throat hit. VG-based e-liquids are typically thicker than other e-liquids. They usually have a slower absorption time because of the thick consistency, which means you won’t go through your e-liquids as fast as you would for PG-based e-liquids.


If you have allergies when it comes to PG-based e-liquids or you’re looking for a more natural type of e-liquid with consistent vapor production, VG-based e-liquids can be a great option and value for you.


Velvet Cloud: Our E Juice
At Velvet Cloud, we specialize in VG-based e-liquids with only the most natural, quality ingredients and flavors. We began in 2011 in San Francisco to serve our local area but soon found out that the demand for artisanal VG-based liquid was extremely high. So, we began offering our products to the industry at large before relocating to Portland in 2018.


All of the e-liquids we offer are created by our in-house chef, who creates and produces our gourmet flavors in an ISO7 lab. We pride ourselves in making unique flavors with quality hand-selected, locally-sourced ingredients. Our e-liquids don’t contain any artificial flavoring or added coloring and we ensure that all of the e-liquids we offer contain a natural 100 VG juice base, are vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, and GMO-free.


Our signature flavors are broken down into four separate categories: Dessert, Fruit, Tobacco and Menthol, and Unflavored. We’re constantly creating new seasonal flavors like one of our holiday favorites, Frosted Gingerbread so be sure to check our website for updated flavors. Our flavors are natural and complex, but never overly sweet or artificial tasting.


At Velvet Cloud, we offer both individual and wholesale products for your convenience and needs. We always love hearing from our customers, whether it’s a question about our products or feedback on one of our flavors. You can contact us via email at info@velvetcloud.com or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram @Velvetcloudvapor.

Flavorful VG Liquid from Velvet Cloud

Over the past five years, vaping has surged in popularity. The act of vaping gives users an experience that is unique unto itself. Vape users can enjoy the different e liquid flavors available and pick and choose their favorites to carry so that they can vape delicious flavors whenever they want. There are so many different flavors available in the vaping industry. With so many flavors on the market, e liquid businesses need to do everything they can to create a flavor profile unlike any other. At Velvet Cloud, we offer high VG liquid that is unique and extremely enjoyable. You’ll love the multitude of flavors our online shop provides.



I can’t emphasize this enough, the process that goes into creating each and every flavor we have available is extraordinary. We manufacture our flavors with an expert e liquid chef that pays extra attention to detail and cares about what we put into our products, just like we do. There will always be a berry and fruit-centric flavor to vapes. They’re awesome, juicy flavors, and there’s nothing more enjoyable than refreshing blueberry-flavored vape juice in the middle of a hot summer day. But, what if we told you we made VG liquid flavors that taste like gingerbread cookies or sweet peach tea? The diversity in flavors for vaping is almost endless. When it comes time to brainstorm for more vape flavors, we’re always looking for fun and exciting flavors to produce in our labs.


That’s not all, however. When our team creates our VG based e liquid, we make sure to stick to environmentally friendly guidelines. All of our flavors are vegan and gluten-free, with no additives. On top of giving our customers high-quality e liquid, we want to assist in giving animals a better quality of life. So when we make a sale, a portion of that sale is donated directly to non-profits or organizations that are dedicated to making the lives of animals around the world better.


Look, as vaping enthusiasts ourselves, we understand the feeling of really enjoying the vaping experience. We want to try out different flavors and share this experience with everyone who is as passionate as we are. That’s why we’re dedicated to giving you the great customer service where you’ll be sure to receive your shipments in a timely manner. We’ve always got employees working at different times of the day in our organized offices that are working hard to ship everything out. In fact, some of them will show up to the office on weekends to fulfill different orders on time. When you place an order with us on our online shop, you’ll receive it as soon as possible.


For those ordering in bulk, take a look at our wholesale section when you visit our website. You’re always going to find something different that you’ll wind up enjoying immensely. It’s always varying, so look as often as you can. Between the products we have for sale and the prices we offer, you won’t want to miss out.


If you need any assistance from our staff, don’t hesitate to ask! We can be reached by email at info@velvetcloud.com to answer any questions about our products or an order you have placed.

Premium Vapor with Velvet Cloud

When you purchase something online it is hard to tell if you are getting a product that is worth the money you are spending. If you are looking for a premium vapor juice, you can stop searching for that perfect product. Velvet Cloud has the best vapor juice on the market. They use the purest products available today to create flavors that will wow any palate.



Using wholesome ingredients is a standard that the people at Velvet Cloud stand by in every batch of vapor juice they ship out to the general public. They use a base consisting of only pure USP vegetable glycerine, nicotine, and just a little bit of pure water to make your hit as smooth as it can be. When you start with such pure and real ingredients, you can cut out any of the bad ingredients that can make your vapor juice less than perfect. They also flavor their products with naturally-sourced ingredients, and they make sure to leave out any artificial sweeteners, coloring, sugars, GMO’s, gluten, and any type of animal by-products. They also ensure that their products are never tested on animals, so if you pride yourself on being an ethical person, this product is definitely the right one for you. One could compare their ingredients and flavors to what you might find at a farmer’s market. These wholesome and naturally-sourced ingredients are the best way to start a product to make the cleanest and most satisfying hit possible.


When you have a product that starts with the best ingredients, it is no surprise that the flavors that emerge are the best in the world. No matter what your personal tastes are, you can surely find a flavor that is perfect for you to use on a daily basis. If you are the type of person that is looking for premium vapor juice to satisfy your daily sweet tooth, Velvet Cloud has a number of dessert flavors you’ll love. One of their personal favorites is Mewlew’s Magic. It features notes of chocolate, butterscotch, and fudge to give you a rich, full flavor with every hit you take. If you want something sweet but are looking for something a little lighter, they also have a number of wonderful fruit flavors. Those looking for something regal may be interested in the flavor Catherine the Grape. It not only has flavoring of grape, but it also has some berry and black currant flavors to add a subtle depth to each hit. If sweets are not really your thing and you are looking for something a little more reminiscent of the traditional tobacco taste, Velvet Cloud has some amazing flavors to choose from. Mt Shasta Frost has the menthol flavor you know and love, in addition to mint, spearmint, and peppermint. This flavor is incredibly crisp and refreshing and one you are sure to love endlessly.


If you want something to satisfy your sweet tooth without the calories, and are looking for something to bring back memories of smoking a pipe, Velvet Cloud has exactly the product you want. They make their premium vapor juice using only the freshest and most pure ingredients, so you can be sure that every hit you take will be clean, full, and flavorful. You never have to worry about which online brand you buy from, since you know that the best brand on the market is Velvet Cloud. Save your time searching and buy from the best, so you can have your favorite flavor on your doorstep as soon as possible!

Dessert Flavors, Tobacco Flavors, and More from Velvet Cloud

Velvet Cloud doesn’t just supply high-quality vaping products for a price that can’t be ignored. Our company also gives you a wide variety of flavors to choose from when you enter our online store. Browse around and look at the dessert flavors we have available for you, order, and enjoy a smooth, sweet hit.


Who doesn’t love that sweet, caffeine-fueled flavor or coffee and a donut? We certainly do. That’s why we’ve created the Night Shift flavor for those working late night shifts. Our staff has had so much fun creating the various flavors available for the vaping community. We believe the diverse selection of flavors will suit anybody’s taste buds as they give them a try.



The holidays are approaching quicker than you think. Why not match your vape juice to the holiday season? Our Frosted Gingerbread dessert flavor can put you right in the holiday spirit with its festive and tasty flavor. This and many more dessert and e liquid flavors can be found on our website.


The best part about enjoying vape juices from Velvet Cloud? The ingredients, of course! Everything that goes into making our e juices is completely natural. There is no artificial coloring or sweeteners used during the creative process. Our hardworking staff microbrews all of our e liquid in an ISO7 certified lab with naturally sourced ingredients that make these juices sweet and gratifying. Whether your hit comes with a hint of blueberry or cookies, they were made in the best, most natural way possible without any sort of artificial necessities. Take a look at our online store and start your next fun vaping experience with us.


Never worry about shipments being late either. Our wholesale products ship domestically AND internationally. Our three warehouses in different parts of the United States will make sure that you get your order as soon as possible when you order from us. High-quality customer service is a significant part of how we do business with our customers. We want you to enjoy the hard work and great flavor we've put into our products as quickly as we can get them to you. With our locations and our system, we truly believe we can give you that.


That’s not all we’re known for, though. While we take great pride in creating e liquid with satisfying tastes and giving our customers exceptional customer service, Velvet Cloud is also a vegan-friendly organization. Our products are never tested on any animals. In addition to this ], we also donate a portion of our profits to various animal rescue or wildlife nonprofits that look to give the right quality of life to Mother Nature.


For more information about Velvet Cloud and the high quality, VG-based e liquid we provide, visit us online today or email us at info@velvetcloud.com. We are always more than happy to help our customers get the answers to their questions.

100 Percent VG Juice from Velvet Cloud

What is it about flavor that we find so satisfying? Is it the memories that come along with every unique taste and smell? Perhaps it’s the combination of fantastic ingredients to create the depth of flavor you can experience. You might think that I am referring to a dish at your favorite restaurant. However, the flavor I am talking about is the 100 percent VG juice offered to you by Velvet Cloud. Using only the best ingredients on the market to make some of the most delectable e liquid flavors anyone can ask for when vaping, Velvet Cloud has just the right flavor to keep you satisfied cloud after cloud.



When you want a flavor that lasts and tastes the absolute best, you use quality ingredients. Velvet Cloud uses this theory to make their high VG juices the best they could possibly be. They start off with a max VG base. To this, they add different elements to give their bottles flavor. These flavor ingredients never include anything that might be deemed weird such as gluten, GMO’s, artificial sweeteners, added sugar, artificial coloring, or any products derived from or tested on animals. This way, you can take a puff from your favorite e cigarette and feel good knowing you are not ingesting any ingredients that you would not want to.


Using the planet’s most wonderful ingredients means that Velvet Cloud creates some of the best flavors in the world. These flavors will bring you back to some of the most wonderful memories you have ever experienced. If you want to go back to your favorite holiday parties at your grandma and grandpa’s house, you can try a bottle of Frosted Gingerbread. If you find yourself feeling particularly regal on any given day, Catherine the Grape is the way to go with hints of grapes and black currants. If you want something light hearted and fruity to take on your next adventure, Strawb-Gwab is a brilliant blend of strawberry and guava that will be refreshing and delicious every time you want to get a hit of nicotine. Whatever your palate is craving, you can find a delicious bottle of it in the 100 percent VG juice from Velvet Cloud.


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